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Century Plumbing & Heating is a fully licensed company that provides plumbing services for commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout Toronto and the GTA.
Common services include:

  • Clogged drains
    o K-50 Drain machine
    o K-60 Drain machine
  • Plumbing camera inspection & locating
  • Repairs for leaking pipes & fixtures
  • Installation of new pipe & fixtures
  • ProPress Machine
    o Solder-less technology
  • MegaPress Machine
    o Thread-less technology
  • Backflow prevention
    o Annual backflow testing
    o Cross-connection surveys
    o Backflow device installation
  • Installation of hot water tanks
  • Pressure flushing drain lines
    o Harben trailer flusher
    o Electric flusher
  • Vacuum Truck services
    o Low-profile vacuum trucks for underground parking lots
    o Larger vacuum trucks for outside drains
    o Catch basin cleaning
    o Area drain cleaning
    o Storm pit cleaning
    o Trough drains & sand interceptors
  • Watermain repairs